Businesses around the U.S. now recognize the potential impact of the Ebola crisis on their operations, reputation and in some cases, bottom line. Healthcare providers found themselves on the front lines of the discussion from the time the first case was diagnosed in the U.S. But in the weeks following, it has become clear that retailers, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines and even real estate interests can be affected when a prior patron or customer is connected to the outbreak—either directly as someone diagnosed with Ebola or indirectly by coming into contact with someone diagnosed with the disease.

While the related topics and potential pitfalls continue to grow in complexity as the crisis unfolds, there are several basic considerations for businesses in varied industries. BakerHostetler’s attorneys are seasoned in advising clients on emergency response, liability, employee issues (including policies and benefits), privacy/information security, patient care, regulatory reporting, infectious disease control, waste disposal and contractual agreements—experience that we have coalesced into a cross-functional team to address Ebola-related issues for our clients.

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